Inspire Better Workplaces Using Nature as a Catalyst

At Fern & Noble our purpose is helping you create a space that occupants feel great in. Well-being spaces are proven more productive and improve both mental and physical health. Based on the principles of biophilic design our products fit easily into existing office design plans or existing work-space facilities that just need more Greening-Up.

Nature inspired and with connectedness and functionality in mind we can help you create your perfect Biophilic Live-Work Space.

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Our free on-site visit means we get a feel for your individual space, discuss aesthetic preferences and take measurements. Because our green designs are for your work-life balance whether you prefer zero-maintenance or fancy a bit more engagement with displays we have living planted options that suit you.


We can often install over a weekend or a time that best suits you. Should you want a more bespoke design our designers and floral sculpturists can customize pieces or add additional features to complement your interior landscape.


To ensure your office garden looks its best all year our qualified horticulture care team offers maintenance packages that work at a time that best suit your office.


From some of the most impressive vertical gardens in Singapore to the green campuses at leading companies like Google and Apple, the benefits have been embraced across the working world. High performance is becoming synonymous with environments that are well connected with nature, and allow us to connect with each other.- Human

Improved Air Quality

Indoor air pollutants have been ranked among the top five environmental risks to public health. Much research since the 50’s has been done on the use of living plants to filter and enrich air quality. Experts from NASA to Harvard have produced reports and their unanimous findings have been applied everywhere from space stations to top companies like as Google and Virgin.  Adding plants to a room has been shown to reduce the amount of air particles such as dust, toxic compounds, bacteria and pollens. In addition oxygen levels are peaked resulting in greater alertness and vibrancy in the spaces they inhabit.

Noise reduction

Office noise is a common problem in the modern office, with as many as 80% of workers complaining that they are distracted by it. Noise is interruptive, makes employees less productive, can taint the customer experience and reduce privacy. Plants are capable of diffusing and absorbing sound waves, meaning you can have a quiet spot to work in, undistracted, within a planted surrounding.

Greater health and Wellbeing

The very basis of the biophilic concept is a subconscious connection with our natural world. Close contact with nature reduces stress, increases production of happy hormones, speeds healing, improves respiratory conditions and positive outlook. With 130 million days being lost every year to sickness absence and costing the economy £100 Billion each year, employee health and wellbeing is more of a priority than ever. Planted environments reduce absenteeism dramatically and increase employee engagement and company loyalty.   It has also been found that a potential employee is 33.33% more likely to want to work somewhere that contains natural elements.

Reduce Costs

Sophisticated planting contributes to a significant reduction in energy consumption. This includes the temperature regulation benefits when plants shade against intense sunlight, prevent heat loss from drafts and generally balance climate in their proximity. Their effects on air purity and humidity can reduce the need for air conditioning applications. With productivity costs 112 times higher than energy costs savings from absenteeism and employee turnover is the biggest saver of all. The benefits are measurable, significant and instantaneous.

Green Points

With pollutants a serious health concern and environmental protection front of mind companies that implement green initiatives find support and awards they are proud to stand-by. It attracts an increasingly larger market of greener thinking customers who choose to do business with responsible organisations.  There are also a host of marketing and funding advantages for those who can demonstrate their green contribution. Top hires are attracted by the ethical culture and preferable work environment it offers.  Efforts towards a more sustainable organisation create better perception of your company as a whole.

Boosts Productivity

If plants can purify air, produce oxygen, mute noise and increase people’s wellbeing, then they should naturally also be able to increase performance levels. And this is exactly what they do. Estimates put it between a 15-40% increase in output.  Research from Cardiff University found that employees with plants in the office reported being more physically, cognitively, and emotionally involved in their work. People were also found to be more creative overall solving problems faster, with more creative solutions and diversity of ideas.

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