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How To Attract and Keep the Best Talent.

  • Sarah Bartley, CEO  Posted by Sarah Bartley, CEO
  • On May 22, 2017

In a city full of competition those who succeed are the ones with the best teams behind them.  As a HR Director or CEO what measures can you put in place that guarantees you hit your targets on employee engagement, productivity and retention? Creating an office environment where workers thrive and enjoy coming to is the greatest factor in creating a positive work culture that gets people excited and recommending the company.  What can a business do to create a work environment where workers are truly engaged?

  • Top companies understand and support the various habits of workers in the office and cater to those range of needs. Work days are long and challenging and workers need mental downtime and variety in order to perform each task at its best.  It’s unrealistic to expect that staff can stay 100% focused on tasks the entire time and experts suggest that short breaks increase productivity. Aim to create an environment that allows time to reset, social interaction, separate lunch areas, focus time and solo task space.  Creating separate zones within the office allows cognitive release and revitalizes focus. Break-out areas are increasingly popular allowing individuals a non-work sanctuary to address personal matters or recharge for the day ahead.


  • Create a more exciting experience than your competitors. Top candidates will know the job market and understand their value.  Creating the kind of atmosphere that excites and offers the ultimate working experience will draw prized applicants and hold them longer. First impressions are key and a good impression does half the work for you.  Whether they envision themselves interacting with clients or finding their place within the energeticatmosphere, seeing themselves as part of your organization is a powerful influencer for key applicants.


  • Pay is not the only driver. According to indeed.com location is the second biggest factor to be considered after salary. Environment is everything, and the best workplacescan often negotiate top placements for lower packages if the environment is right. They love it for a reason.  Offer something that is unique. The right atmosphere can make or break an offer and HR professionals know the importance of nurturing the right culture and community. Greener spaces are thought to be among the most positive environments to work in and even if you are a city based office Biophilic Design can help create an environment that engages and restores.


  • Build a magnetic tribe. Be deliberate about hiring the right culture. Allow the diverse personalities, skills and interests of current staff to stand out. Often it’s the people not the place that prospects are drawn to.  If the right energy is allowed to shine through not only will prospects form an instant connection to individuals they will be excited for a forward-thinking workplace that recognizes and encourages individual contribution and talent.


  • Offer opportunity. Fostera relationship of mutual partnership instead of a job. Encourage autonomy, mastery and purpose.  Create a work environment where every worker understands their contribution and feels valued as a team member.  Encourage peer-to-peer mediation as well as bottom-up and top-down communication.  A workplace where respect is foundational is one that nurtures loyalty and dedication.


  • Turn your employees into adoring fans.  Happy workers are your best (and cheapest) recruiting tool.  A workplace that people enjoy and believe inspires their best work is one which earns a place in pub-time conversation.  Great work environments gain notoriety and propel a company’s profile amongst the ‘best companies to work for’ tables.  Less time can be spent by Human Resources on hiring and more time on aligning organizational purpose.


Companies offering a great work environment will never have problems attracting the best people.  Reduced absenteeism, drops in employeeturnover and more engaged workers have obvious knock-on effects for recruitment expenses and output.The rewards are there for companies willing to prioritize employee experience.

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