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Why Choose Modular Biophilic Design over Built-in Office Design Options.

  • Sarah Bartley, CEO  Posted by Sarah Bartley, CEO
  • On May 26, 2017

A weight of evidence now exists to prove the impact that spaces designed with humans in mind have on the minds and physical health of those using it every day. Biophilic Design is the name given to this design practice that aims to replicate patterns of nature within an interior space. The precept is that as Humans we have developed innate instincts over millennia that cannot be overlooked despite our urban living habits. These include a connection to living systems, a desire to explore and a need for safe sanctuary. Research has proven that people exposed to Biophilic Principles form better connections with others around them, show improved focus and vitality and recover faster. Modular (or architecturally movable) systems offer layouts, workspaces and features that can adjust to meet the changing dynamics of the office landscape. It allows for a more agile work environment with many advantages for users and bottom line.

Flexibility and Versatility is a major reason why companies choose a modular solution. In fact change is one of the principles of effective Biophilic Design. Modular wall murals or panels are easily switched to support technology changes or to modify aesthetics of interior space. It allows for dynamic collaboration spaces or accommodates more people in conference rooms at a moment’s notice. Speed is a big factor when updating spaces and modular office furnishings minimize downtime. In leased office space where built-in designs are not possible or relocation’s likely the system can be reconfigured to meet changing layouts or relocated and easily reconfigured to fit the new space.

Sustainability in Design. Modular wall systems use less initial building material and reduce waste. And unlike traditional wall units and furnishings, there is no dust or mess created by the installation process. Most products offered by Fern & Noble are pre-constructed off-site and delivered fully assembled. If you’re looking to make your office more environmentally friendly, modular furnishings are the way to go.

Speedy Installation with no Downtime. As mentioned earlier, the speed of delivery and off-site fabrication reduce the time needed for the installation and pose minimal disruption to the office. Existing spaces can be renovated without having to change the infrastructure and retrofits are made easy through simple cosmetic alterations like addition of Moss Wall Panels or lighting changes. Because finishes and furniture are delivered ready for use they can be arranged in tandem with other building activities, significantly reducing construction schedules and workplace interference.

Cost Savings. What business isn’t interested in saving on costs? The improved functionality of modular furnishings maximizes the value of your investment over traditional heavy furniture. The prefabricated designs mean minimal waste and reduced installation costs. Sustainability motives mean most are highly durable and designed to last. Modular pieces tend to cost less than bespoke fit-out and their increased utility and mobility means you get more from less; an additional benefit if square footage is tight. Modular biophilic design offers a budget friendly quick fix for companies looking to reap the rewards of greater employee satisfaction and productivity.

Combined these factors offer businesses a simple, instantaneous and budget friendly option to create an optimal well-being and community environment within the workplace. Should you wish to discuss your unique workplace and what products might best suit the needs of your teams we look forward to hearing from you. More info on how to find us and keep up to date on how we contribute to more human spaces on our contact page.


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