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Ideas for a destination workplace!

  • Sarah Bartley, CEO  Posted by Sarah Bartley, CEO
  • On January 22, 2018

Tis the season to be staying inside and with our office being the places we spend most of our days shouldn’t it be a healthy place that makes us feel energised? As it gets colder we spend more time inside and less time in parks and natural surroundings. Bringing more green into your office will revitalise you, clean and oxygenate the air and it so happens that Tropical Plants love the warm indoor conditions we’ve got at the moment.

Try tall leafy palms to create division in a space. They serve as a sound and visual barrier to break up open plan offices and we provide containers with built in wells meaning zero* maintenance for you!

Kentia Palms


Our fav is the Kentia Palm as it releases copious amount of moisture into the air, great for keeping skin and other tissues hydrated in those dry winter months indoors. It is also consistently rated among the top air purifying plants removing all indoor air toxins tested and releasing fresh oxygen to keep you alert and focused at work.


Nature Space living Wall Peacelilies


For walls try our modular Live-Plant Walls that instantly offer a boost of colour, texture and life to any space and simply attach to the wall for easy installation and re-location. For a tropical feel we love using Peace Lilies in an assortment of colours. Their vibrant foliage and exotic flowers are beautiful to look at and Peace Lilies are also top oxygen generating and detoxifying superheroes. The built in water tank means that a reservoir is filled once every six weeks and no other maintenance is required.


Tropical Wall Mural


Want the Biophilic Benefits but can’t have live plants wall murals are a great alternative to getting that wow effect. Vinyl wall coverings are also the greener option as durable and easy to clean they offer the benefit of longevity meaning less in the landfills. Furthermore, the energy required to manufacture vinyl wall coverings is only half as much as that needed to produce the same amount of an alternative wall covering.

Vinyl wall coverings also offer favourable Indoor Air Quality attributes since this plastic has a relatively low potential for odour’s or emissions. Studies show considerably higher levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from some paints than from vinyl wall coverings. Painting a room with oil and/or solvent-based paints can result in emissions of approximately nine times the amount of VOCs released by vinyl wall-coverings incorporating water-based adhesives and inks.

So sunny moods and fresh Caribbean breezes can be felt all winter long and the effect it will have on the well-being and productivity of staff is well worth making the time to explore options with us!

*Zero* Maintenance referred to above means manually topping-up the water reservoir once each six weeks reducing or eliminating the need for outsourced plant-care!


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