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People Thrive in Nature

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WINNER of Greater London Enterprise AWARD for ‘’ Best Interior Décor Company 2017’’

Green Offices Attract and Retain Top Job Applicants

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WINNER of Greater London Enterprise AWARD for Best Interior Décor Company 2017

People are the engine of your organisation and you want the best. Happy workers perform better, have greater engagement, productivity and company loyalty and are advocates for your brand and workplace.

Nature is the most cost effective and long-lasting way to offer a workplace that draws people in and supports them in their roles impacting on creativity, greater focus and productivity, reduced stress and improves physical and mental wellbeing.


  • Improves mental health by easing anxiety and creating a sense of connection to others
  • Improves physical health by filtering the air of toxins, producing oxygen and stimulating the senses
  • Nature improves wellbeing when it creates a more balanced environment
  • Contact with nature through sight or touch improves focus and can reset a tired brain
  • Is linked to greater individual and company performance
  • Nature promotes a more connected atmosphere resulting in greater collaboration, teamwork and sense of personal responsibility and contribution.
  • Green spaces are more appealing than those without plants, making an instant and lasting impression on visitors and job seekers!

Fern & Noble is a company dedicated to finding you the funkiest planter designs and green furniture and with a simple click to order system that anyone can use.

Biophilic Design is easy when we have done the work for you.


We are a Social Enterprise.

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