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If creating stand out interiors that busy people gravitate to is important to your organisation we have your back! The workplace design demand for Healthy spaces that give back to occupants is gaining momentum. Wellness they say is the New Sustainability, but why not have both!

The business case for bringing Nature into urban spaces is supported by mounting research that proves Buildings and Offices with Nature inside have greater appeal and are in greater demand than those who ignore the trend. Nature increases the value of your property, but also is a factor in Healthy Building Standards like LEED, BREEAM and WELL Buildings Standards.


  • Healthier Buildings with Cleaner Air; Harmful toxins removed, Releases Oxygen
  • Reduced C02 Levels
  • Helps Prevent Sick-Building Syndrome
  • Positive Experience Generates Higher Demand for your Facility
  • Increased Member Satisfaction and Membership Renewals
  • Regulates Indoor Air Temperature and Balances Humidity for greater Comfort
  • Enhances Restorative Experience for Building users.
  • Positively Impacts FM Reputation 

Fern & Noble is a company dedicated to finding you the funkiest planter designs and green furniture and with a simple click to order system that anyone can use.

Biophilic Design is easy when we have done the work for you.



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