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Biophilic Design is a

demonstrable step towards

your company’s commitment to

people and planet

Fern & Noble’s products are ethically sourced and produced and designed for longevity

WINNER of Greater London Enterprise AWARD for ‘’ Best Interior Décor Company 2017’’

Products are designed to support and encourage collaboration and social responsability

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Is your organisation looking to stand out as a company dedicated to doing good? We believe little actions make big statements and biophilic design which puts nature and human connection at the heart of your workplace enhances community motive and socially responsible practices.

As well as translating your values though a more ecological environment Biophilic Design has a feel good factor that positively affects everyone in the space.  Pay it forward and see your community of do gooders grow!


  • Increases awareness among workers of your company’ s investment in people and the environment.
  • Green Spaces offer building users a tangible reward that compliments corporate ‘green-office’ policies.
  • Proximity to nature increases our sense of stewardship towards other living things.
  • Offers workers a sense of pride in their contribution to a better world.
  • Changes attitudes towards waste and social responsibility.
  • Nature draws occupants into a shared space supporting better connected work relationships.
  • Biophilic Design in your workplace brings us closer to greater Biodiversity in our cities.
  • Allows workers experience the benefits of Nature in their Workplace.
  • Encourages greater thought and public debate around Preserving our Environment and Preventing Climate Change.
  • Working with Fern & Noble means donating financially to Organisations aiming to Create a more Sustainable Way of Living and Saving our Planet as we give a % of our Profits to Global Action Groups and Environmental Defence.

Fern & Noble is a company dedicated to finding you the funkiest planter designs and green furniture and with a simple click to order system that anyone can use.

Biophilic Design is easy when we have done the work for you.



We are a Social Enterprise.

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