Fern and Noble specialises in high-design and function focused modular planters.  We satisfy the need of offices and public spaces who aim to improve their surroundings for occupants and visitors. Planted installations increase the value of the space and the productivity and well-being within.


The categories below are intended as an overview only so if you don’t find what you need please contact us.

Hanging Gardens

The best workplace designs involve layers of interest. Our select range of suspended planters, pendants and kokedama creations offer a dramatic display to highlight key areas or offer an alluring focal point for waiting areas, meeting rooms and stairwells. Lighting can be built in to some designs for a functional centerpiece of artistic design that breathes life into the surrounding space.

the missing link in sustainable design
– Stephen Kellert, Ph.D. Yale University

Green dividers

Cleverly designed privacy walls, living partitions, workstation dividers and desk screens provide the separation and privacy needed in shared spaces. They act as an effective sound barrier while creating a feeling of calm and focus.  As your needs change the pieces can easily be moved about to fit new requirements. Green dividers can be self- irrigated to ensure they are always in peak condition.

Living walls

Simply put, greenwalls or vertical gardens offer a dramatic takeover of your office landscape. They attach to the wall easily and can be removed or relocated without damaging the existing structure. Greenwalls offer the greatest biophilic benefit as they can purify and humidify the air quickly. Plant designs can be tailored and many plant varieties including edible varieties can be grown so each wall is as unique as your business.

Have the city outside your door
and nature in your workspace

Feature planters

Award winning sculptural design makes up our selection of stand-alone planters.  tree-islands, planted furniture and raised beds are mobile and memorable design pieces that offer style as well as function.  The simple addition of one of these pieces can transform the feel of your environment and the outlook of those around it.

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