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Retrofitting for Biophilic Design

  • Sarah Bartley, CEO  Posted by Sarah Bartley, CEO
  • On January 24, 2018


Toward the end of last year an extraordinary and beautiful living chandelier (no inverted commas needed) was unveiled to the public at London Design Week.  Not only did its elegant crystal leaves with their green-hued algae filled interior captivate the senses but by harnessing microbiological life forms its ‘artificial leaf’ technology worked on the same principal as photosynthesis, harnessing natural light to convert C02 to Oxygen.  Designed by Melchiorri a biochemical technology researcher as well as a design engineer this living chandelier is a prototype at the moment but the designer envisions integrating his photo-reactive cell technology into future buildings freeing them of harmful emissions.


Crystal Algae Chandelier Design London Design Week

Rights Reserved: inhabitat.com/extraordinary-living-chandelier-with-algae-filled-leaves-purifies-the-air

More and more often we are seeing integrated planting as part of building design. As wellness and sustainability continue to climb on the agenda plant designs that function and improve the interior environment for building occupants have real longevity and value. Stand-alone container planters with a live plant arrangement just don’t hit the mark anymore with consumers wanting to truly experience nature indoors. Living walls continue to grow in popularity and have proven to increase value of a building as well as increase demand for hotel room bookings, co-working memberships and office space rental. This movement towards plants becoming part of the building is a trend set to continue and when working to transform an existing space into a lush interior landscape innovative planting ideas that are unusual and interesting are guaranteed to stand out.


Concept Drawing Underground Park New York

Rights Reserved: www.thefifthestate.com. Concept drawing for world’s first underground park in New York

Strip-lighting and pendant lights adapted for live plants are among the products we feature in our e-store as well as a modular shelving system that can be configured in many different ways with add-ons, such as canvas bags and shelves to hold plants or other objects like fish tanks or wooden boxes for storage. Its total flexibility means it functions as a room divider as well as offering geometric depth as side tables and display units.


office Strip light integrated plants


But you don’t only need to use live plants to create the wellness and restorative benefits that biophilic design offers. Design elements that mimic nature have the same effect as long as it genuinely feels real. Our latest lighting product is LED sky-light ceiling tiles, which fit easily into standard ceiling tile slots to offer a realistic sky view. Even dark interior spaces like corridors come alive and feel fresh and open. Another idea is Preserved Moss Panels which feel real to touch and can be used to create a feature wall. On its own or combined with illuminated logos or even arranged with wood panels or other natural design materials moss walls are a zero-maintenance way to bring nature inside any space.


Realistic Sky Scene on Ceiling


Demand for naturally supported building adaptations and biomimicry in design continues to grow. Natural interiors that give back to occupants in addition to looking attractive is high on renter agenda. For many existing spaces a Biophilic retrofit is the only option to transform an interior space and meet renter demand for green buildings. By representing manufacturers and designers from all across Europe our e-store offers a one-stop-shop when creating Biophilic Interiors.

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